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Illustrious Sir David M. Unser, Sr.

First and foremost I would like to thank the Nobility of Cyprus Shrine for electing me to the position of Potentate for 2018. It is a great honor and privilege for Lady Karene and I to serve Cyprus! We are looking forward to a fun, exciting and productive year. The Divan and I have hit the ground running starting with a Clubs and Units Meeting at the temple, several Club Officer installations throughout the realm and a successful Super Bowl Party at the Temple! It’s great to see so many Nobles and their Ladies enjoying themselves at Temple events and their own Club events. If you haven’t been out and active in a while you need to come out and join the fun!

Shriners are all about having fun and helping kids! We want to keep Cyprus strong and vital so that we can continue fulfilling that mission for many years into the future! Your Divan and Club/Unit officers are committed to this but we can not do it alone. Every Cyprus Noble is a vital part of our success. Pay your dues in a timely manner, come out to your Club/Unit and Temple events, come to a stated Temple Meeting and hear what’s going on around the realm and our Shriner’s Hospitals and just be active!

Membership! In 2017 under the leadership of Illustrious Sir Anthony Prizzia, Sr. we created almost 50 new Nobles! We have set a similar goal for 2018! That being said we lost just as many Nobles in 2017 to the Black Camel and Non Payment of Dues. There isn’t much we can do about the Black Camel but I feel there is more we can do about the NPD’s. We need to reach out and talk to those Nobles we haven’t seen around in a while and see how they are doing. Maybe there is something we can do to help? VALUE FOR MEMBERSHIP is a term that I like to use. I am pretty sure that most of us joined the Masons and the Shrine for fraternal fellowship and to be around like minded men of integrity to not only improve ourselves but improve the organization as a whole by working together. There is much satisfaction in being apart of something that is greater than one’s self. Where do we find new members? Let’s start by looking at NPD’s and Restorations. What went wrong and how can we do better? Are you active in your Blue Lodge? That’s where new Nobles come from. Not every Mason will become a Shriner but if they are not exposed to what Shriners do and support through those activities than we will never know. In my experience active Masons make active Shriners. What about our sons, brothers, fathers, uncles, cousins and friends? How about some of our coworkers? Would they make good Masons? Would they make good Shriners? Working together we can strengthen both organizations!

The Divan and I are looking forward to seeing you all as we travel around the realm attending the various Club and Unit events as well as hosting events at the Temple. Events are listed on the Temple Calendar which can be found on the Mobile App and Cyprus website. I encourage you to get your events listed on the calendar by sending the detailed information and/or flyer to the Temple Recorder at Communication is key to the success of your events!

Yours in the Faith,

Illustrious David M. Unser, Sr.