Illustrious Sir Anthony T. Prizzia Sr.

My Noble Brothers and all of their beautiful ladies !

I am so proud, extremely grateful, and truly humbled to have the opportunity  to serve as your Potentate for 2017. My Mission is Simple, to raise money and awareness of the Shrine Hospitals, and the good work they do.

We are part of the World’s Greatest Philanthropy in helping those children who are not able to help themselves. For this reason, I chose “ The Silent Messenger” as My Potentate’s Pin. Wear it proudly and often to help raise awareness, for the Shrine Hospitals, and the great work they do. Anytime you or your lady are out in public, Please Wear It . Nobles and others will see your pin and know, you belong to the greatest fraternity in the world.

No Man or Woman stands so tall, until he or she, stoops to help a child !

I would like to take a second to thank Past Potentate Robert Zentner who served as potentate for the year 2010. The original financing for our original temple was above our ability to repay and had a strangle hold on us.  Bob, convinced Roundout Savings Bank to help us refinance our loan. We will be in our new Temple, Debt free,with money in the bank,  because of his actions. I thank you my Brother, Cyprus Shrine owes you much gratitude.

We have a busy and exciting year planed for you , and your Ladies. Come and join us whenever it is possible in your busy schedules. We have a new home , which we would like to share with you. My Noble Brothers and their Ladies, You have my love and respect .
YITF, ( Yours In The Faith )